What to eat in Amsterdam

The Netherlands offers an infinite variety of cheeses and good beer. But not only that. There is a lot of street food, croquettes and dishes with Indonesian and Suriname influences, former colonies of the country. See below what is worth trying:


Oliebollen (December only). These delicious fried dough balls are only found around the end of the year. It’s easy to find. Sales stalls are scattered throughout the city.

Indonesian food. Be sure to try Rijsttafel, a traditional Indonesian dish that is nothing more than a collection of over 40 dishes from all over Indonesia in a single meal. It is not cheap, but it is a good introduction to Indonesian food. The Dutch love it.

indonesisch eten
Roti do Suriname

Roti from Suriname. This dish is found anywhere in Amsterdam. Tasty and inexpensive. Roti is a bread similar to pita bread, and is served with vegetables and chicken. It resembles Indian food and is a little spicy.

Cheeses. Gouda is the most famous and consumed Dutch cheese worldwide. But the Netherlands has a much wider variety of cheeses than you can imagine. Edam and Leerdammer and many others. You can find cheese shops everywhere, and there is always tasting. There are cheeses made with pesto, pepper, truffle and more. Another great option is to make a stop and return to the city of Alkmaar, very close to Amsterdam. In spring and summer, especially on Fridays, you can visit the Dutch cheese markets on the city streets.

queijo holandês

Stroopwafels. These Dutch cookies are a classic in the country. You need to prove it. You can find them in any supermarket for less than 2 euros. Souvenir shops are much more expensive.

Bitterballen or simply croquette. Another culinary classic. It can be said that it is the equivalent of our coxinha. But the Dutch version is more rounded, stuffed with meat, is also fried and always served with mustard. It is the typical boteco food from Holland. A delight!

Batata Frita holandesa.

Dutch Fries. Cut in the shape of a toothpick, but much thicker than we are used to seeing here. They are always served with mayonnaise.

Haring. Haring is a type of fish that many people eat raw or in a sandwich. It has a mild flavor and is able to please even those who are not very fond of fish. It is very popular with the locals.

Panquecas holandesas

Dutch pancakes. Or as the Dutch “Pannenkoek” say. It is a typical Dutch dish. They are a little different from the pancakes we eat in Brazil. They are very wide and thin. The sweet version is more popular, especially among children. Usually the toppings are icing sugar, apple with cinnamon, molasses and cheese.