The center of Amsterdam is not very big, so you can do a lot in a quick visit of just a day or two. Find out here what to visit and what to do if you are in town for a short time.

Damrak. The large square and avenue towards Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal), which houses the old stock exchange building, (Beurs van Berlage) and some other historic buildings that you usually see on cards Amsterdam postcards.

Damrak Amsterdã
Paleis op de dam Amsterdã

Dam Square and the Royal Palace . It is one of the best known places in Amsterdam. It is a very lively place where there are always several events. It doesn’t take much time to visit, as it is also located in the center of Amsterdam, unless you also want to visit the interior of the Royal Palace.

HOW TO REACH Dam Square and the Royal Palace
Herengracht Amsterdã

Explore the canals of Amsterdam on foot. In Amsterdam there are canals everywhere, it is impossible to walk around the city and see none. But if your visit is short, there are at least three channels that you have to visit: Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht. All were excavated by hand in the 17th century. These canals are surrounded by beautiful historic buildings, the most beautiful residential houses in Amsterdam and traditional Dutch architecture.

Take a canal cruise. This is undoubtedly an attraction that you must visit in Amsterdam. There are short cruises, of just one hour, and they depart several times a day. Even exploring the city on foot, the boat tour shows a different perspective, which helps to better understand the architecture and history behind the city’s beautiful buildings. The boats have an audio guide in Portuguese. It’s really worth it.

TIP: Plan your tour in advance by reserving your ticket in advance. As I said, there are several cruises departing all the time. They are usually done in a very professional manner, but in order not to be taken by surprise and pay a lot for something that is not worthwhile, in addition to facing lines, it is better not to risk it. GetYourGuide is an authorized ticket sales company. There you will find 100 cruise options, according to your budget and available time.


Passeio de Barco pelos Canais da Cidade
HOW TO GET TO THE Canal Cruise

Visit the Jordaan neighborhood. It is a charming residential neighborhood with beautiful architecture. When you get there, just walk through its narrow streets, visit the vintage shops, antique shops, charming cafes and beautiful gardens. It is further west, but still, very close to the center, with the advantage of having fewer tourists. It is a great place to stay in Amsterdam.


Walk around the floating flower market. The floating flower market is a must in Amsterdam. You can buy flower bulbs, all kinds of souvenirs or just take a walk. You don’t need much time there, but it is a fun place to visit and take some color photos.

mercado flutuante de flores
Begijnhof Amsterdã

Begijnhof. For a truly authentic experience in Amsterdam, you need to visit this small village called Begijnhof. Inlaid in the bustling city center, this area is home to a church, historic houses and one of the two original wooden houses in Amsterdam. But what is really interesting about this place is the history of its residents, that’s right, in the feminine. Men are not welcome. Begijnhof is a religious community of single women maintained by the Catholic Church. It is estimated that the origin of the community dates back to 1150, when a group of women came together to care for the sick and the poor in the Netherlands. Nowadays, there are several residences on the site intended for single Catholic women or widows. There are also two churches, one Catholic and one Protestant, facing each other. Of course male tourists can visit the place, but just visit!

TIP: During your visit to the Begijnhof it is important to remain silent in order to respect the local residents. Visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and are free of charge. To get the most out of the tour, go to the Begijnhof with a free walking tour, as the tour is guided and you will learn much more about the history of the place. Click here for more information on the free walking tour.

Van Gogh Museum . The Van Gogh Museum maintains the world’s largest collection of works by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). In addition to the paintings you will also find drawings and letters, complemented with the art of your contemporaries. Each year, 1.6 million people visit the Van Gogh Museum, making it one of the 25 most popular museums in the world. The museum is very popular, and is usually quite crowded, so consider buying tickets in advance.

Van Gogh
HOW TO GET TO THE Van Gogh Museum
Rijksmuseum Amsterdã

Rijksmuseum is one of the most important museums in the Netherlands. The museum’s extensive collection features paintings by Dutch masters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, van Dyck, Frans Hals and Jan Steen. There are also works by Frans Post (1612-1680) depicting Brazilian landscapes from the time of the Dutch invasions in Brazil. The Rijkmuseum also has in its collection sculptures, archaeological artifacts, clothing, Asian art, prints and items from Dutch maritime history.


Anne Frank House. Visit the house where Anne Frank lived in central Amsterdam during the Holocaust. In the period of confinement, Anne Frank wrote a diary about her routine in the “secret annex”, about what it was like to always live in silence and the constant fear of being discovered by the Nazis. In addition to visiting his quarters, there you will also find his famous diary.

Anne Frank Amsterdã
Museumplein Amsterdã

Museumplein. Also known as the museum square. Even if you don’t have time to visit a museum, take a walk through the Museumplein. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited sights in the city and home to the main museums in Amsterdam. Especially in the summer, there are several events and festivals. Also in the Museumplein was the famous I Amsterdam sign, removed from the site in December 2018. Even without the famous tourist spot for selfies, the space is ideal for a walk.

Heineken_Experience Amsterdã

Heineken Experience. Another great option is to visit the Heineken Experience, where Heineken’s oldest brewery was located, now converted into an interactive museum.

The tour begins with a brief introduction by the brewery guides, and afterwards you will be able to stroll freely. At the end of the tour, there is free tasting. To learn more about the Heineken Experience, click here.

TIP: The Heineken Experience is a very popular attraction, so to save time and avoid queues, buy your ticket in advance. You can buy your ticket on the authorized website by clicking here.


Red Light District. The red light district. This is the famous prostitution area in Amsterdam. It is a maze of narrow streets coffeshops , sex shops, where women present themselves in shop windows. It can be visited quickly during the day, without fear of being very uncomfortable. For an experience, say, more naked and raw, pay a visit at night, but don’t take children. If you prefer, there is also the option of a guided tour.

TIP: Don’t photograph women in shop windows. It is considered very offensive. Prostitution is legalized in the Netherlands, so it is only women doing their jobs. Also, keep a close eye on your belongings. The Red Light District is a busy place and there may be pickpockets.

HOW TO GET TO Red Light District
Red Light District. O distrito da luz vermelha