There are many interesting museums to visit in Amsterdam, and it can be a little difficult to decide which options are best. Here are some of the most popular museums in the city and why to visit them.


Rijksmuseum is one of the most important museums in the Netherlands. The museum’s extensive collection features paintings by Dutch masters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, van Dyck, Frans Hals and Jan Steen. There are also works by Frans Post (1612-1680) depicting Brazilian landscapes from the time of the Dutch invasions in Brazil. The Rijkmuseum also has sculptures, archaeological artifacts, clothing, Asian art, prints and items from Dutch maritime history in its collection.

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Anne Frank House. Visit the house where Anne Frank lived, in the center of Amsterdam, during the Holocaust. In the period of confinement, Anne Frank wrote a diary about her routine in the “secret annex”, about what it was like to always live in silence and the constant fear of being discovered by the Nazis. In addition to visiting your quarters, there you will also find your famous diary.

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Rembrandt House Museum . Visit the house where one of the greatest painters in the world lived and produced many of his famous works, between the years 1636 and 1658. The house, built in 1606, became a museum in 1911 and still maintains the main characteristics of the painter.

When you visit Rembrandt’s house you will see an interesting reconstruction of the painter’s daily life, his rooms and his painting workshop. You will also learn about the unknown aspects of the famous painter’s life and his art.

The furniture and objects of the time are carefully presented, together with the engravings, sculptures and some paintings by other painters from Rembrandt’s time. A collection of almost all of Rembrandt’s prints and the graphic techniques he used can also be seen on site.

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Van Gogh Museum . The Van Gogh Museum maintains the world’s largest collection of works by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). In addition to the paintings you will also find drawings and letters, complemented with the art of your contemporaries. Each year, 1.6 million people visit the Van Gogh Museum, making it one of the 25 most popular museums in the world. The museum is very popular, and is usually quite crowded, so consider buying tickets in advance

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Van Gogh
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Hermitage Amsterdam .
The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam is one of the most important museums in the Netherlands and is located on the bank of the Amstel River. The museum is in the city center, and access to it is quite easy. The Hermitage was installed in a 17th century building, which underwent a major renovation before housing the museum.

We can say that the Hermitage of Amsterdam is an “arm” of the original, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There is also a branch in Berlin.

The Hermitage presents temporary and permanent exhibits. Many of them are about the historical relationship between Russia and Holland, and are always available at any time of the year. The Hermitage’s temporary exhibitions are usually grandiose, and are on display for an average of 6 months. Many works belong to the vast collection of the great Hermitage Museum of Russia.

After a renovation of 40 million euros in the building, the Hermitage opened its doors in 2009. Since then, it has established itself as one of the main museums in the country, with around 400,000 annual visitors.
The whole history of the installations and the preciousness of its exhibitions certainly make it worth a visit.


The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to art and design and has a large collection of modern and contemporary art, with many 20th century masters. The museum’s permanent collection includes paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. The Stedelijk Museum is very dynamic, always on the lookout for artistic movements and new trends. You will find works by important movements like Bauhaus, Amsterdam School, De Stijl, CoBrA, Nouveau Realism, Pop Art, Colorfield Painting and Minimal Art, as well as great masters like Picasso, Mondrian, Monet, Cézanne, Matisse, Chagall and Renoir. < / h3>
Keep an eye on the excellent temporary exhibitions, with photography and design work.

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NEMO Science Museum. Amsterdam has attractions for all ages. At the Nemo Science Museum, adults and children alike will have fun. NEMO is a scientific museum and hosts numerous experiments and exhibitions in its gigantic green hull in Oosterdok. You will certainly learn and have fun. Attractions change regularly, see the homepage for the latest words.

The four floors of NEMO Amsterdam are a stimulating scene. Children of different ages have fun with giant soap bubbles and experiment in the chemistry lab. Adults, with or without children, also have fun at NEMO. Attractions change regularly, see the homepage for the latest words.

Rooftop square: the terrace is accessible free of charge for everyone. You can find the Energetic outdoor exhibition, a large terrace and a rooftop restaurant, all with beautiful views of the city of Amsterdam.
NEMO is a scientific museum, where there is a lot to explore and you don’t know where to start. The museum can be packed, so you can buy your NEMO tickets in advance.

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O Museu Histórico Judaico.

The Jewish Historical Museum . Very interesting and well designed, the Jewish museum has an incredible structure that remains completely intact and lit by candlelight. As many Dutch Jews died in the Holocaust, this museum is a moving testimony to the role of Jews in Dutch history.

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Houseboat Museum . Visit the small floating house that has been turned into a museum. It’s a quick and interesting tour of what life was like on Amsterdam’s canals. Originally built to transport sand and navigate the city’s canals, the boat was transformed into a home in the 1960s. It has been open to the public as a museum since the late 90s.

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O Museu Histórico Judaico.

Amsterdam Historical Museum . To get to know Amsterdam’s history and culture better, you must visit this interesting museum, located in one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the city. Discover the origin and evolution of Amsterdam to the present day.

The history of the city is presented chronologically on the three floors of the museum. The exhibition was held from the perspective of different social aspects, religions and diverse subcultures, such as entertainment, prostitution and even football.

In the permanent exhibition, you will find historical paintings, drawings, maps and some models explaining the construction of the city.
There are also interesting temporary exhibitions – on arts, folklore, fashion and crafts.

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