It is not always possible to combine the desire to travel with money in your pocket. But we at are experienced travelers and we know Amsterdam like no other. That is why we have prepared an itinerary and several tips for you to visit Amsterdam, spending little and enjoying a lot!

When to go?

Super tourist cities like Amsterdam receive tourists all year round, but in the summer everything becomes much more expensive, not only in Holland, but throughout Europe. So avoid going in the summer, especially in July and August. There are too many tourists and prices are high.

Our tip: travel in April or September

How much money to take?

We recommend an amount of 60 euros per day, including the cost of hostel accommodation. You may spend less, but with that amount you will certainly not experience difficulties. Besides, you don’t need many days, since Amsterdam is a small city. Three full days are enough to enjoy the city well.

Cheaper regions to stay

To spend less on accommodation, the option is to stay a little further away from the center.

Hotels outside the city center are generally newer, renovated and slightly larger than hotels in the tourist center. Although you can find good offers in the center, in low season, try venturing into neighborhoods like De Pijp, Plantagebuurt or Jordaan, which are not far from the main attractions. Choose where to stay on the hostelworld website.

Tram ticket

Instead of buying your tram tickets, one by one, at € 2.80 per trip, you have the option to buy your tickets with unlimited access for one, two, three or seven days, depending on how long you stay in the city. If you plan to use the tram three times or more during an entire day of sightseeing, opt for a 24-hour ticket (€ 2.50 for children, € 7.50 for adults).

Not only will you save money, it will also be easier to get in and out with this type of ticket. A 48 hour ticket costs just 12 euros, 72 hours costs 16.50 euros and a week costs 32 euros. Tickets can be purchased at Amsterdam Central Station.

Rent a bike

Cycling in Amsterdam is cheap and fun!

You can rent a bike for less than € 10 and stay with it all day. Preferably walk on the bike paths, but if you have to walk next to the cars, don’t worry. Dutch traffic laws favor cyclists.

Bicycles are the main form of transport in Amsterdam, it is a very interesting option to get around if you don’t like walking a lot. getting around for both natives and visitors. There are several bike rental stores around the city. You will certainly find some along the way.

How to save on food?

Eating at a restaurant in Amsterdam can be a frustrating experience. As the city is full of tourists, you will find a multitude of options that in general will be expensive, and the food, disappointing. It is not difficult to spend 50 euros on a dinner for two. The Netherlands is not necessarily known for its cuisine. An easy and practical way to save on food while traveling is to turn to fast food. They are everywhere, the price is affordable, but in general, it is greasy and processed food. A good and cheap tip in Amsterdam, and throughout the Netherlands, is the Albert Heijn supermarket. You will find it everywhere, including at Schiphol Airport. There you can choose salads, Japanese food, sandwiches, natural juices, fruits and many other options, for a very good price. The food is fresh and tasty.

Drink tap water

The quality of tap water in the Netherlands is highly regulated. It is very pure, you can drink without fear. A 500 ml bottle in the Netherlands can cost up to 3 euros, depending on the region. So fill your bottles with tap water and save.

Walking around the city

As we said here, Amsterdam is a relatively small city, the attractions are within walking distance of each other, in addition to being quite flat. It is perfect for long walks, enjoying the beautiful architecture, the canals and the pulsating life of the Dutch capital, and the best, it costs nothing! Just be careful not to walk the bike paths.

Red Light District

The Red Light District (red light district) is one of the places that are part of any itinerary in Amsterdam. Many shops, bars, coffee shops and the famous windows. Just remember not to shoot, this is considered offensive. Find out more about the Red Light District by clicking here.

Walk through the Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is one of the largest parks in the city. It is a perfect place to stroll, enjoy nature and have a picnic. There the pace is much slower, residents take walks and enjoy Amsterdam more easily. Admission is free.

Secret garden of Begijnhof

This free tour is a truly authentic experience in Amsterdam. This small village called Begijnhof is embedded in the bustling city center, and houses a church, historic houses and one of the two original wooden houses in Amsterdam. But what is really interesting about this place is the history of its residents, that’s right, in the feminine. Men are not welcome. Begijnhof is a religious community of single women maintained by the Catholic Church. Of course male tourists can visit the place, but just visit!

TIP: During your visit to the Begijnhof it is important to remain silent in order to respect the local residents. Visiting hours are from 9:00 to 17:00. To get the most out of the tour, go to the Begijnhof with a free walking tour, as the tour is guided and you will learn much more about the history of the place .