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Keukenhof Gardens.

The interior of the Netherlands presents beautiful landscapes and charming towns where you can have remarkable experiences on your trip. Just 30 km from Amsterdam, you can visit the Keukenhof Gardens, considered the largest garden in the world. You will certainly be amazed by the 800 varieties of tulips, as well as several other types of flowers that delight the 1.5 million people who visit the place every year.

There you will also find themed gardens and flower pavilions produced in greenhouses, as well as several attractions for children that can be visited throughout the year.

The park has an area of ​​approximately 32 football fields. So, don’t forget to get your free map at the park entrance to better explore all the beauty of the place and not get lost there.

When to go
In the spring, more specifically in the month of April, is when the tulips bloom. The chances of finding the park in full bloom are greater at this time of year. But it all depends on the climatic conditions. A very hot season does not help the flowers to remain firm and beautiful for a long time. To stay tuned to the Keukenhof’s annual schedule and the condition of the tulip blooms each year, click here to access the park’s website.

TIP: If you don’t want to worry about organizing the whole tour and getting there in peace, without taking long lines, buy the 5-hour tour, with transportation and guide included. Access the authorized website ticket sales and guarantee your tour in advance.