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Bruges, Belgium.

Bruges, Belgium.

It is very common for tourists in the Netherlands to go to Belgium. The distance is not too great and is well worth a visit. Our suggestion is Bruges, a medieval city considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco, 255 km from Amsterdam. It is a charming place, and its historic center reminds us of a very distant time, present only in history books.

With more than 3 million annual visitors, Bruges is the most visited city in Belgium, surpassing Brussels. It is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. It was founded in the 11th century, around an old fortress from the 9th century. Its extensive network of channels has led it to be compared many times to Venice.

What you can’t miss in Bruges:

Plaza Mayor: Also called Markt, it is the heart of Bruges. A traditional street market is held every Saturday.
Belfort: ; It is the most characteristic tower in Bruges. After climbing its 365 steps, you will have one of the best views in the city.
Burg: Another beautiful square in the center of Bruges. It is there that you will find the most famous building in Bruges, a city hall building in Gothic style. Its facade dates from the end of the 14th century.

The Church of Our Lady is the most famous in Bruges and its 122 meter tower is the tallest in Belgium.

If you like to visit museums, there are two that are worth a visit: the Gruuthuse Museum, a medieval mansion, and the Groening Museum, the most important art museum in Bruges. Also look for a boat trip on the canals.

How to go and how long to stay
Bruges is a very small city, but it definitely cannot be left out of your itinerary. It is quite common for tourists to take a one-day tour of the city. If your intention is a quick visit, the ideal is to buy the tour from Amsterdam. This is a very interesting option, as you don’t have to worry about anything or spend money on hosting.

The tour has a Spanish-speaking guide and lasts 12 hours. In addition to the guide showing you the most important places, you will still have three hours to walk freely around the city, have lunch, visit chocolate shops and buy souvenirs. The tour departs at 8:00 am from the center of Amsterdam, and you will be back at 8:30 pm.

To buy tickets for this tour and get more information, visit the authorized sales website and guarantee your tour in advance.

Staying a couple of days in Bruges is also a good option
I do not recommend taking the train, as it is necessary to change trains and the price can be quite steep. If you are not in a hurry, buses may be a more interesting option, although the journey is a little longer, approximately 6 hours. The most reliable bus company in Europe is Flixbus. We have already tested some routes between countries in Europe and the service is impeccable. They are super punctual.

Considering all the options, our suggestion is to rent a car. You will be able to explore the region better and have much more comfort.