Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Amsterdam Coffee Shops

In the Netherlands, Coffee Shop is not a place to have coffee. As you may know, some drugs are released in the country, and it is in the so-called Coffee Shops where you can buy and consume marijuana, hashish and other products derived legally, but only for personal use. It is possible to buy per gram or in cigarettes. Keep in mind that only Coffee Shops are allowed to sell this type of product in the Netherlands. Try not to photograph the interior or enter with minors. In the center of Amsterdam, you can find these establishments on any corner. The city has approximately 250 Coffee Shops, most in the tourist center and the Red Light District.

Inside a Coffee Shop

A Coffee shop is not just a place to smoke marijuana. You can also socialize, meet people, play cards and chess while relaxing by smoking your cigarette. But don’t think that why marijuana is released that you smoke anywhere. It is not common to smoke in restaurants, cafes or bars. Even in the streets and in busy places this practice is not considered to be of a good tone.

If this is your first time to try marijuana, take it easy. The effects of cannabis can take some time to take action. Be careful not to get “high” right away. You can also try the “space cake” (cakes made with cannabis), which has a slower effect.

Netherlands drug laws

The Netherlands has a tolerance policy for what are considered to be soft drugs, but be aware that if you are caught with up to 5 grams of marijuana or hashish, the police will seize the drug. You just have to hand them over to the cops, and you won’t be in trouble. If you are caught with more than 5 grams, you will be fined and still risk being arrested. Heavy drugs are NOT allowed. And don’t even think about importing a few grams of marijuana from Holland. This practice is ILLEGAL. So, follow our guidelines and avoid problems during your trip.

Coffee Shop Rules

There are not many rules to be followed in a Coffee Shop, but it is important to know that you must be 18 or older to enter these establishments. In some, the minimum age is 21 years. Always have a photo ID or passport with you. Other important information: you cannot go to the same Coffee Shop more than twice a day, alcohol is also not allowed and the use of hard drugs is strictly prohibited.

TIP: In souvenir shops, you will find many products like muffins, chocolate and cannabis-based lollipops. Know that the taste is not always pleasant and you will never be sure of what they are actually made of. We also advise you not to buy these products on the streets. The chances of being counterfeited are quite high.