Tips for Amsterdam in 2023

Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. The architecture is very peculiar, streets cut by canals, attractions everywhere: bars, parties, cafes, museums and bicycles. Lots of bikes … It’s easy to understand why the capital of Holland is always at the top of the list of travelers.

Here you will find all the information to plan your trip in an uncomplicated way. Follow our tips and make your trip unforgettable!

We have prepared a complete guide, with tips, information and reliable links for purchasing tickets, booking hotels and tickets to Amsterdam’s main attractions. In addition to all this, we also have tips on how to save and avoid setbacks during your leisure time.

The advantage of following our guidelines is that this site was created by a Brazilian and a Dutch crazy about travel and culture. We explore every corner of the Netherlands and tell you here everything you need to know and how to prepare your trip!


The Netherlands is a charming country, full of attractions and lush nature. But there is an important feature for travelers: it is a very small country geographically. Approximately 400 km separate the north from the south of the country. The rail system is very comprehensive and the roads are among the best in Europe. You can take many short trips from Amsterdam. See what you definitely can’t miss!